Aliens delighted with the New Testament

After a thirty year long quarantine CX11R, one of the twelve crew members of the spaceship kept in the American Nellis Airforce Base, regained freedom and during a press conference announced that he was not going to get baptized.

The book which every strictly guarded zone 51 room of the American Airforce Base in Nevada is equipped with

“Most of us did not hide delight reading the Bible over and over again during all these years and in the end started to believe that Jesus was a Messiah”, CX11R said. “It’s true that in the Deuteronomy God told the Israelites through Moses: Your God Jehovah will  arouse a prophet similar to me from among your brothers. You will listen to him. (Deut. 18,15). Also, Daniel in his prophecies repeatedly mentions the coming of the Saviour, however, I am skeptical and I have an impression that God’s son must still be waited for”.

The alien said that he understands his companions’ fascination with the New Testament but he doesn’t approve of their willingness to taste pork or shrimps which were often eaten by the goys looking after them. “The law clearly orders to comply with the kosher food”, he claimed.

To the question of one of the journalists about what he is going to do when he leaves CX11R replied that once the Sabbath is over he is going to start up a small Gescheft.



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