Marco Pampilioni prophesied Nostradamus’ prophecies in 1107

This almost unknown town dweller of a peasant origin, whose existence even his own mother doubted, can make even the fiercest opponents of predicting stunned. The most trivial of his announcements were perhaps everyday weather forecasts based only on what he sensed. By the way, he was the first person to use the word weather with the meaning we understand today. In the time he was alive this expression meant just the back part of the body. The first time he screamed “I have the weather for tomorrow” at a passing carriage he got into prison for a majesty insult.

Pampilioni predicted his own death, which would have been nothing unusual but for the fact that he gave the exact date and ordered to engrave it on the earlier prepared gravestone. According to some records, a week later the clairvoyant drank a deadly dose of poison exactly on the day he predicted.

A picture from the album Professor Friedke threw down on the floor

The sceptics got really confused with his vision in which he stated that a book thrown down on the floor will always open at a casual page. Professor Joachim Friedke from the Humboldt University, an extreme sceptic, got a record in the Guinness Book trying to prove that Pampilioni was wrong.

The next prediction of the prophet was the following one: “After some time, God knows when, maybe yes, maybe no.” It is believed that the prophecy concerns the birth and work of Michel Nostradamus, the famous 16th century visionary. However, there are experts claiming that this vision predicts the growing chaos in the European Parliament.

It was not until 1997 that somebody managed to decipher Pampilioni’s prophecy about the tower full of mad maids. This is the excerpt: “a convent tower with five witches imprisoned in it.” It turned out that the prophet predicted the twenty seventh movement of the Deep Blue supercomputer in the third game of chess with Kasparov (tower a5). Calling the tower a “convent one” the prophet most probably meant that the Deep Blue played with black.

“…and three corsairs will invade a triple map thrice.” This part of the prophecy becomes understandable only nowadays because, undoubtedly, Marco Pampilioni is talking here about the sound computer-program format, mp3.
Nevertheless, it is still unknown, and it will probably not be for a long time, what the visionary meant saying “Barrack Obama will become the President.”

A photograph which Pampilioni predicted would be used in “New Pompom”

“Woody Allen is nearly as brilliant as my opinion about him”
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A post office cashier completely unprepared for flying to outer space
A post office cashier completely unprepared for flying to outer space
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In 1107 Marco Pampilioni prophesied the prophesies of Nostradamus.
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