Woody Allen is nearly as brilliant as my opinion about him

Said Pete Smith, the author of cheap novels whose true name used to be Woody Allen, who has been claiming for the last 51 years that someone has stolen the name from him and he even doesn’t know who it is.

Pete Smith

“It was the baker from the 37th street who broke into my house one night and had stolen my name before I woke up. His name was Woody Allen, so I have no idea what the hell he needed my name for if his own one was the same. Later he denied everything claiming that his name has been this for some time and it wasn’t he who stole it but some guy from Brooklyn whose pseudonym is Woody Allen. The strangest thing in all that is that Woody Allen has the same pseudonym,” said Smith.

Woody Allen, to whom we briefly talked about it, said that he was not going to explain that and neither to translate the books which he had never been going to write and in the end they were written by the translator of his books. (Allen’s unwritten texts have never been translated into any language, except for a  few fragments translated into knot writing found under his bed). But he willingly explained that his name is not Allen but Pete Smith and he has been a baker since his childhood.



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“Woody Allen is nearly as brilliant as my opinion about him”
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