The wreck of an iceberg discovered
near Titanic

In the photos made with a special camera you can see traces of the massive crash of the ship into the iceberg. The impetus of the crash caused cracks of the iceberg in several places.

“It was not difficult to identify the discovery,” said Jeff Levick, the leader of the research team. “It was enough to compare the samples of the ice exposed in the New York Titanic and Iceberg Disaster Museum to the lump found at the ocean bed. They were a perfect match.”

Jeff Levick explained that some decrease in the museum exhibit may be a result of its lack of resistance to the blades of icemakers. “The museum staff celebrated the news about the discovery of the iceberg wreck,” Jeff excused the museum personnel.

The Iceberg before going down



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The wreck of an iceberg discovered near Titanic
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