Rock drawings found in bin Laden’s
hiding place

Several dozen rock drawings were found on one of the walls in the present hiding place of the leader of Al-Qaeda.

The drawings fund in bin Laden’s cave

The spectrographic analysis carried out by American scientists dates the graphics back to 25 thousand years B.C., which ultimately excludes the hypothesis that they had been drawn by bin Laden.

It also assures the deceitful character of the first part of the Hamas organization statement in which it admits the discovery and the true character of the second part of the statement, in which it admits the lie in the first part.

In the interview broadcast by the Arab television Al Jazira, Osama bin Laden expressed his anxiety caused by the growing interest drawn by the drawings in his hiding place. “It gets more and more difficult to hide there. There are research teams everywhere, television and blinding spotlights… Not long ago there came even a tourist group of marines,” the Al-Qaeda leader complained. “I sit in the corner and I pretend it’s not my beard. It’s only a matter of time and they’ll catch me. Americans have offered me moving to another hiding place but I don’t want to. They had better move these rock drawings.”


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